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Belrobotics BigMow Connected Cordless Robotic Lawn Mower 24000m2

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Belrobotics BigMow Connected Cordless Robotic Lawn Mower 24000m2

Product Code: 45877

Manufacturers Part No: BMTL13A

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  • 50% Savings This figure is confirmed by football ground managers. Your club will see its energy costs fall and will find financial resources
  • Saves Time Even when you are not there, the Bigmow robot mower continues relentlessly. You will gain efficiencies
  • Adapted Solution Bigmow manages all grounds and green spaces up to 24000m2. Its 5 floating cutting heads adapt instantly to the elevation of your ground
  • Safety The Bigmow automower provides mowing without accumulating waste, due to mulching

Bigmow Is The World’s Best-Performing Robotic Mower

Bigmow is capable of maintaining up to 24000m2 of turf, which means it has ambition. Bigmow is recommended for sports pitches, driving ranges, public spaces or private estates.

Uncompromising Cutting Method
Bigmow is fitted with five floating cutting heads that adapt instantly to the ground elevation. A total of 15 stainless steel blades provide perfect, constant mulching. Fitted with five sonar sensors, the robotic mower will instantly deactivate its cutting system if it encounters an obstacle. A cutting width of 103cm for uniform, safe working.

Intelligent Mowing

Bigmow works completely autonomously in all the zones delimited by the perimeter wires. Its activity remains quiet (max. 58 dB(A)), and it saves data so its productivity can be controlled and adjusted if necessary. The charging process at a low voltage station is entirely automated and safe. A sustainable mow with an average annual energy consumption at barely 830 kWh.

Mowing capacity up to 24000m2.
5 independent floating mowing heads.
Energy savings.
Absolute safety due to 5 sonars.

Advantages Of Belrobotics Robots

24000m2 in just a few hours.
Replaces several small robot mowers.
Much cheaper than a garden tractor.
10 times less CO2 emissions.
8x lower energy costs.
No noise pollution.
100% ecological.
Impeccable turf in better condition.
Warning in case of theft or malfunction.
GPS guidance system.


Football Grounds - Bigmow is already a partner of clubs in the Champions League and other divisions. Uniform cut, 3-5 mows a week and a saving of 50%. Your sports pitch will be in peak condition without human intervention.
Golf Driving Ranges - The Bigmow can mow and silently maintain golf driving ranges without destroying balls due to patented protection discs which keep the balls away from the cutting blades.
Large Grounds - Bigmow is capable of maintaining up to 24000m2 of turf. It is real athlete that serves your business. Discover its silent operation, its low energy consumption and its ability to adapt to all terrains.
Parks & Gardens - Bigmow is capable of maintaining up to 24000m2 of turf. This is what makes its the robot mower best suited to individuals. Expect to save time and money that you haven’t before. The time has come for you to delegate and make the most of your lawn.

Connected Line App & Web Portal

Your robot mower can work completely autonomously, which is due to carefully worked-out programming. And to make your life even easier, our professional automowers are connected to a web portal to allow them to be controlled from the Belrobotics application. You can also manage your fleet of robot mowers entirely from your tablet or your smartphone.