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  • Warm Work Hats

    Work Hats to Keep Out The Cold: Tools today buying guide.

    So many of us need to cover our heads at work, whether for hygiene, safety or warmth.

    That's why as well as a range of construction helmets and forestry helmets we also sell head/hair coveralls, face snoods and a range of soft warm beanies.

    Winter is almost finished, but it's still important to be able to pull your hat out and continue working if the temperature drops.

    In this blog we'll show you some of out most popular work hats to keep out the cold.

    CLC Pro-Tradesman Fingerless Gloves & BEANIE HAT

    To start with, why not grab yourself a deal?

    The CLC Tradesman fingerless gloves come with a Beanie hat, you can grab both a combined price.

    Work Hats & Gloves

    The Fingerless gloves are the main attraction here, but a free hat is a free hat. The warm lined beanie will keep your head clean and warm during colder spells.

    Buy The Gloves & Hat Combo >>


    All Purpose Standard Work Hat

    One of our best selling beanies, is a standard Click, Thinsulate hat. Warm and reliable, you can't go wrong. Tools Today also offer such good prices on the click Beanie, there's no reason to wait. Grab a couple while the price is right.

    Standard Work Hat
    Buy a Beanie >>

    Fashion Work Hats - Scruffs Vintage Logo Beanie

    If you're all about the fashion, then you'll want to check out this navy blue Scruffs beanie.

    Scruffs Work Beanie

    Not only does it have and bold, retro looking Scruffs logo, the beanie is padded with 3M Thinsulate for maximum warmth. It also has a cool and distinctive bobble.

    See this Scruffs style guide to make sure you pick the right size beanie.

    Buy the Retro Beanie >>

    Trapper Hats for Work

    The Snickers 9007 Ruffwork Heater  (Trapper style) hat delivers warmth and the look.

    This Navy Blue Trapper hat has fold down ear flaps that can be fastened to keep out the wind. You can adjust it at the side to get just the look and feel you want.

    This work hat Features padded polyester insulation and technical fur lining for optimal warmth and comfort.Trapper Hats

    Buy the Snickers 9007 Ruffwork Trapper Hat >>

    Browse our full workwear range - Tools Today Workwear Range or Contact our Customer Service

  • UK Hard Hat Colours Change For 2017

    The hard hat has become an ever-present safety essential on building sites all over the world.

    The hard hat has been responsible for saving countless thousands of lives over the years. It is now a legal requirement on sites in the UK, with its tough fibreglass or rigid plastic design keeping heads safe across the country.

    Different coloured hard hats signify different things on site, letting workers know who is who and what their role is on the construction site.

    Although this colour coding system differs from country to country and even within individual organisations, there are a few basic rules that can help you to identify workers from the colour of their hats.

    In recent years the colour code has been:

    UK Hard Hat Colour code pre 2017 UK Hard Hat Colour code pre-2017

    White for managers, foremen, engineers or supervisors.

    Green for safety inspectors,  new workers on the site or probationary staff.

    Yellow  is the colour for general labourers and earth moving operators.

    Brown hats are worn by welders and other workers with high heat applications.

    Blue for Carpenters and other technical operators including electricians will normally wear blue hard hats, while orange is worn by road crews.

    Grey is the colour often worn by site visitors. And if employees forget their hats or misplace them, there is often a nice bright pink helmet on site they have to wear in the meantime.

    Hard Hat Colour Changes in 2017

    From the start of 2017 The colour coding for hard hats will be changed on all Build UK member sites.  This should instantly identify personnel by their safety qualifications.

    UK Hard Hats Code / Build UK UK Hard Hats Code / Build UK

    From 2017 onwards:

    - Visitors
    Black - Site supervisors
    Orange - Slingers & Signallers
    Blue - All other visitors

    Site supervisors will wear black hard hats with slingers and signallers in orange, site managers in white and those on site who do not fall into those categories in blue. So your site visitors and other non-team members will be easily identifiable.  Interestingly the traditional Yellow hard hat is missing from the list.

    Trained first aiders and fire marshalls will also have stickers on their helmets.

    The changes to the Safety Helmet colours and Training Standards have been developed in response to the Construction Leadership Council recommendation to specify and promote card schemes carrying the CSCS logo.

    Build UK said the initiative would "help contractors to determine the competence of construction workers, along with their eligibility to work on-site. "

    Julie White, Leader of the Training and Skills Leadership Group, said:

    "Both the Safety Helmet Colours and Training Standards provide clear and practical help for everyone working on-site, showing that by improving our working relationships and using our collective voice, we can make a real difference to the industry".

    Suzannah Nichol, Leader of Build UK, said:

    "Health and safety is a goal for Build UK and we are delighted with the positive response from our members who have welcomed the latest criteria, which aims to make life easier and help them meet the increasing demands of working on-site."

    When to Replace Hard Hats

    Something to remember about hard hats is that they only hast for a limited amount of time. All hard hats have a best before date. Plastic deteriorates over time and therefore weakens.

    Be sure to check for an embossed or printed best before date on your helmet. Some brands use a sticker that changes colour over time.  This lets you know when it's time to replace your helmet.

    Wearing or providing hats that are outside of this best before date is against UK law. This is something employers should be aware of, and act upon.

    Hard Hats for Safety at Tools Today

    We have a wide range of hard hats and safety helmets available to buy at great prices. Check out our range today.

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    Build UK Specifications PDF

  • Choosing The Best Work Boots

    Finding the best work boots for you

    Finding the best work boots to suit your needs can be more difficult than you might think. If you are regularly exposed to hazardous conditions, your work boots can really improve your working day. Occupational hazards vary depending upon which field you work in.

    Tools Today have a wide range of work footwear, such as mid ankle boots, safety Wellingtons, Rigger Boots and more, this blog points to some of the things you should look for in a boot.

    Choosing the Best Work Boots? Safety Boots at Tools Today

    Durable Work Boots

    Are your boots strong enough for the job?
    Look to see which boots offer the longest lifespan. You don't want work boots letting you down because you've selected the wrong type. there are a number of things to consider, tough might mean heavy, or inflexible.

    Do you need Weatherproof Boots?

    If you work outside in the elements, it's worth having work boots that will keep your feet dry. Perhaps, if you spend long periods in cold or wet environments you'll need insulated boots to keep your feet warm. Farmers or those who work in the fishing industry need both waterproofing and warmth.

    Safety Wellington Boots Safety Wellington Boots

    Getting Boots that fit

    If your boots don't fit well, they're going to be a nuisance that prevents you working at full capacity.  A solid pair of work boots that keep you comfortable and safe is always worth the initial investment.

    Perhaps your company already has recommended footwear? Consult your company’s employee manual. It's also a good idea to familiarise yourself with what kind of work boots meet industry standards. Are the boots you select up to the job?

    Work Boot Safety Features

    Safety is the most important aspect of a work boot. However, what a construction worker needs from a work boot will greatly differ from the needs of an electrician. Electricians might need a more breathable trainer with rubber soles, as opposed to a traditional boot.

    Buy Safety Trainers Safety Trainers

    It pays to know what type of conditions you will encounter before heading out on the field.  Choosing the right gear is one of the best preventative measures you can take against workplace accidents.

    Your safety has to come first. Fashionable boots might look good, but will they save your life?  The right work boots can save your toes from being crushed, or even save your life in situations where you are at risk of being trapped or cut.

    There are many safety features available in work footwear, it can be difficult to decide on the best work boots.

    Typically, it’s better to be over prepared than under prepared. Use your best judgment when determining what work boot safety features make sense for your line of work.

    Toe Protection - Toe 'Tectors

    The safety toe is the must-have safety feature If you work in an industry where your feet could be crushed such as carpentry, or construction industries.

    There are a few different types of toe protection. Typically be found in three varieties:

    • Steel Toe
    • Composite Toe
    • Aluminum Toe

    Steel toed work boots used to be the norm but advancements in new technologies have made composite toe work boots a very popular alternative.

    Rigger Boots with Steel Toes Rigger Boots with Steel Toes

    When looking for the best work boots to suit your needs, metal toe protection is better suited for heavy-duty occupations, but metal does have a major drawback. The metal safety toe will act as a conductor.

    If you work in extreme climates,  hot or cold temperatures will be transferred straight to the inside your boots. This can make for a very uncomfortable situation. However, steel and aluminium toes can stand up to greater crushing forces than composite toes.

    Composite safety toes are usually made from carbon fibre, plastic, or Kevlar, and are ideal for those who spend the majority of their working day outdoors.

    Steel Midsole

    We've all had a hole in our shoe or boot, but if you work in demolition zones,  steel midsoles or puncture plates are a must. All the best work boots will provide some form of puncture protection. Without a puncture plate, you risk serious injury by way of stepping on a potentially dangerous nail or jagged glass chip.

    The plate lies between the insole and midsole, providing extra support as well as guarding against punctures.

    Although the steel midsole isn't required for every profession, work boots with puncture plates are better protected and provide extra peace of mind.

    Soles with Grip

    A good grip is vital for keeping you on your feet. A pair of boots with a solid grip is going to go a long way to keeping you standing upright. Over one-third of all fatal construction accidents are a result of a slip or fall.

    Boots with Grippy Soles Soles with grip

    Having a good grip is vital. There are countless workplace scenarios where slipping and falling can pose a major danger. Many workers need to balance on metal, roofs or uneven surfaces. Chemical spills, water and icy surfaces greatly increase the chances of a slip.

    Being careful and aware is the greatest accident prevention, but having the right workwear really can help.


    Most work boots are made of leather, and one of the properties that means that leather is the perfect material for boots due to its flexibility. Leather boots conform to your feet through repeated use, especially when you are breaking them in. The areas of the boot that move the most will become more flexible over time. If the boots aren't flexible, they might not be the best work boots for you

    Foot Support & Comfort

    The support of a work boot is determined by a combination of many factors. A boot’s insole, midsole, shank, puncture plate, and outsole all contribute to the work boot’s support.

    Comfort is naturally important when choosing the best work boots.  If you experience discomfort or blistering, upgrading your boot’s insole can provide you with the support you need. Midsoles are an understated aspect of any boot and can make a huge difference in a boot’s overall support.

    Boot Weight

    The lighter the boot, the less work it takes to lift your feet. Some occupations require heavy-duty boots to protect against specific work hazards, but it is possible to find a pair of solid, protective work boots that weight less than 2 pounds.

    To recap some important features of work boots:

    • Different industries have different work boot safety guidelines.
    • Check the HSE for occupational specifications.
    • Steel and Aluminium toe boots conduct electricity and thermal energy – composite safety toe boots are recommended for outdoor workers.
    • Look for work boots with a highly rated outsole grip, as over 1/3 of all construction workplace accidents are the result of slips and falls.
    • Keep liquids out with regular waterproofing, and keep warmth in with insulated boots for colder climates.
    • Fit and support are crucial to staying comfortable on the job – pay close attention to any pinches or hot spots as these problems rarely go away.

    Buy Work Boots at Tools Today

    Hopefully, we have covered the key considerations when choosing the best work boots for you. Now you are ready to browse our Safety footwear selection.

  • 5 Reasons Why Work Overalls Are a Must.

    Work Overalls are a must, that's what we believe here at Tools Today.
    You don't need them in every work situation but just having a pair of overalls is a massive benefit to anyone in the trades.

    To help convince you, we've made a quick list of why we think work overalls are great.

    5 Great Reasons You Should Buy Work Overalls This Winter.

    1) Why risk your own clothes at work? Having to risk your own clothes getting dirty and potentially ruined at work is not cool.

    Buying clothes can be an expensive business. When work is rough, it can be hard on your clothes too. Overalls provide fewer surfaces to snag and tear. They cover your torso, arms and legs keeping the dirt, dust etc off your own clothing.

    2) Overalls mean less fuss. Fuss, who needs it right? One garment to work, wear it till it's filthy. One item to wash. Brilliant.

    3) Work Overalls don't just keep the muck out. We have such a wide range of overalls, you can choose a specialist type.  We have fire retardant overalls that provide protection for Welders and those who work with heat and flame.

    We also have rainproof overalls and coveralls for those who are working outside in the elements. Such as call out services, roofers etc.

    4) Wearing Overalls can show that you are part of the team. Using brightly coloured overalls can help you to quickly spot other team members.

    Business owners, Overalls create an affordable uniform within work crews.

    5) Finally, if you need inspiration You have to look at who uses them. The Inspirational Steeplejack and engineer Fred Dibnah was rarely seen without his overalls. Today, Guy Martin makes his all in ones an essential piece of his workwear.

    Buy Work overalls at Tools Today Photo Credits: /

    So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at our range of Overalls, get yourself covered.

  • Work Wear from Click

    We need to be comfortable while we work. Click work wear is designed for your comfort.
    Click Workwear
    For example, the CLICK Workwear Combat trousers in Navy Blue.
    Made from Poly Cotton this fabric is light and breathable. Click trousers have Zip fly and belt loops as well as adjustable clips.

    6 Pockets from Click Workwear

    Today we carry so much in our pockets.  We need pocket space for mobiles, paperwork, keys, change and so much more. These Click Workwear trousers have 6 pockets, which is to

    2 front pockets with button flap. 2 lower pleated pockets with button flap. 2 rear pockets with button flap.

    These trousers also come with draw chord ankles enabling you to keep the draft out, and adjust around your footwear.

    For more options, see the complete range of Click work trousers.

    Black Soft Shell Jacket

    If you're working outdoors you need to keep the warmth in whilst keeping the wet and wind out. The Click range provides a great solution:

    This click soft shell jacket is the perfect work coat, keeping you at just the right temperature whilst you work. This jacket has a high stretch, breathable fabric that is both water resistant and windproof.

    Fleece lined for warmth, the jacket features internal pockets and weather guard front flaps with 3 zipped front pockets.

    Other Features

    • Adjustable cuffs.
    • Warm fleece lined collar
    • Cordura tear resistant trim
    • Hip drawcord.

    Click Boiler Suits & Workwear
    Great Value Workwear

    There's no denying that Click make some fantastic, affordable workwear. They have trousers, jackets, polo shirts and overalls in a good range of styles and colours too.

  • Site Storage - Chemicals - Gas - Van Boxes

    Site storage can be a problem. You have equipment that simply has to be stored outside, securely or both.

    This is where Armorgard site storage can help. Armorgard have a wide range of site storage solutions, such as walk-in site storage chemical cupboards, as well as storage for trucks and vans.

    Chemical Cupboards

    When you work with chemicals and solvents that could be potentially dangerous or flammable you have to feel confident that you are storing them safely.

    You don't want to risk any kind of accident or uncontrolled leak.
    So why not consider Armagard chemical cupboards.

    These metal site storage containers are perfect for storing hazardous chemicals & flammables

    They comply with all COSHH regulations for safety. With robust Steel plate construction and deadlocks, many of the boxes have 'off-ground' capabilities with either feet or castors.

    Chemical Cupboards

    Chemical Cupboards | Site Storage for Chemicals

    Site Storage For Gas Canisters

    Gas Canisters need to be stored securely. If you have a number of canisters, you need to protect your assets against thieves and of course, accidents.

    Armorgard's Gas Cages come as either bolt-together kits or folding cages. This gives makes them easy to move around.

    The steel cages come in a range of sizes. Choose from low-level storage to full-size, walk-in models. The cages come with the relevant hazard warning signage attached.

    Gas Canister Storage

    Van & Truck Storage for Tools

    For those of you who need to have tools and materials with you as your work sites change, Armorgard have a great range of van and truck storage too.

    The Van Storage tool boxes are available in a range of sizes. These ultra strong boxes have deadlocks and welded security id numbers.

    Tool Storage - Site Storage

    Due to their durability and innovation, Armorgard's unique products will give complete peace of mind and greater return on investment, providing you with a lifelong guarantee.

    Armorgard boxes are regularly recommended by insurance companies, police forces and vehicle manufacturers. Making Armorgard’s security solutions the UK’s number one choice.

  • How to Sharpen Your Garden Tools

    There are many ways to care for garden tools. In this article, we set out some basic techniques to help you get long life from your garden tools.

    wipe your tools clean with a damp cloth, whilst tools with dried on dirt may have to be soaked in water to help loosen hard on dirt and residue.

    After soaking, dry the tools with an old rag. Finally, give them a wipe with an oily rag to keep them rust free. (Vegetable oil is good), because it won't contaminate your soil.

    How to Sharpen Spades & Trowels

    To sharpen your spades you don't need any fancy kit. A basic file will do the job nicely. Keep the angle of your file nice and shallow and be sure to sharpen both the front and the back of the tool blade.

    care for garden tools image:

    How to Sharpen Secateurs & Pruners

    Your cutting tools need more care than digging tools. You need to keep Secateurs, Loppers, Hedge Shears and Pole Pruners nice and sharp. A sharp tool produces a clean cut, and reduces the possibility of disease affecting your plants and trees.

    Start off by making sure your pruning tools are nice and clean. Wipe with either a wire brush them or give them a wipe with Steel wool then Wash them in soapy water and dry them.

    Sharpening Pruners image: Tim Thompson

    To sharpen Pruners, Shears and Loppers you can use either a file, sharper or a whetstone. Held the tool firmly, and pass your sharpener over the edge of the blade. Be sure to move your sharpener in the same direction as the cutting bevel until sharp.

    After you are satisfied, you should check for any loose screws or bolts, tighten them up if you find any.

    Then just spray with a lubricant such as WD40 before storing.

  • Why You Need Hi-Vis Workwear

    Hi-Vis clothing is becoming ever more popular. In 2016, we Britons are more aware of the importance of safety in the workplace than ever before.

    Today people understand, just how important it is to be seen when working. Particularly if we are working outside.

    Hi Vis Workwear

    When working outside, workers are vulnerable to many dangerous situations.
    Whether working in construction or close to an industrial unit the risks are the same.

    Hi-Vis Reduces the Danger

    Workers can be exposed to Car Traffic and works vehicles, such as forklifts, diggers, dumpers, and trucks.

    The dangers increase as we move from the longer days, and the daylight fades earlier. Those working in such conditions may well take for granted the safety provided by hi-vis workwear.

    Image: Bike Bandit

    How Does Hi-Vis Work?

    Ultraviolet rays from the sun react with the fluorescent colours, making them appear to ‘glow’. This increases daytime visibility. The 'Glow' effect becomes stronger in poor light conditions towards dusk or in Fog.

    All our Hi-vis clothing is also reflective. So, as well as being more visible during the day, you will also be safer in low light situations.

    Our tabards, jackets and trousers have reflective tape strips. When light shines on these strips, they reflect very bright white back.

    Hi-Vis WorkWear for Sports

    Today, Hi-Vis workwear is used more and more within the leisure industry. Runners, cyclists and Horse riders can often be seen wearing hi-vis tabards. Climbers, Cavers and Walkers are also choosing hi-vis and reflectives to increase their chances of being found in case the worst should happen.

    Cyclists in Hi Vis image: The Bike Comes First

    Hi-Vis Wear for Every Day

    Many professionals use hi-vis to increase their safety. You'll see hi-vis clothing used by the Police, builders, lorry drivers, postal workers and school crossing patrols to name but a few.

    Similarly, children walking to school in the 'Walking Bus' style can often be seen wearing hi-vis jackets. It makes sense to be seen and reduce risk.

    Be Safe Be Seen

    School Traffic Crossing Photo: Manchester Evening News

    Ever seen that person out walking their dog in the pitch black, wearing dark clothing? We always recommend wearing something reflective when out at night.

    Night drivers are more likely to see you 3 seconds earlier if you are wearing or carrying something reflective.  Those 3 seconds could save your life.

    Be sure to share this post on social media & increase the awareness of the importance of being seen.

  • Portable Tool Chests

    Choosing the right portable tool chest is never easy. There are so many different options available. You'll need to identify what will determine you purchase. Are you working on a budget, or do you even have space for a large chest?

    Size, storage space and brand are just some of the things that you might consider when buying a tool chest.

    Budget Tool Chests

    Superline ChestIf you only have a few tools, an add-on tool chest is a perfect solution. It has enough room for the essentials, is durable and secure.
    Sealey make a range of Superline Pro tool chest add-ons; with deals to be had on some models. Despite only having two drawers,  they do have a full height, rear locking mechanism, which locks the drawers in multiple locations. These tool chests are available in a range of colours, Red, Black, Blue, Orange, White and Green.

    6 Drawer Tool Chests

    If you require more store space, the six drawer tool chests will provide you with more options.  Sealey American Pro chests have three long drawers, one deep and 2 slightly shallower, 3 small drawers and a top tray.

    6 Drawer Tool Chests

    Specification (W x D x H):
    Overall Size: 600 x 260 x 340mm
    Small Split Drawer (x3): 155 x 225 x 37mm
    Small Drawer (x2): 510 x 225 x 37mm
    Medium Drawer (x1): 510 x 225 x 85mm

    Alternatively, you could choose the Teng 6 Draw tool chest, with foam lined drawers & anti-rust guide.

    Teng 6 Drawer Chests

    8 Drawer Tool Chests

    For those of you who need to keep a larger collection of tools secure, the eight tool chests offer slightly more storage.

    A great value, 8 draw tool chest is the "Beta Tool 8 Drawer Tool Chest".  These tool chests have eight drawers with ball bearing slides: 3 long draws and 5 small draws. The central small draw is double the depth of the other smaller ones, perfect for storing screws, nails and other small items. All the drawers are fitted with foam rubber mats.

    The chests have a front, centralised safety lock and retractable side handles for ease of transport. The chest is also available in Red or Orange.Beta Tools C23SC Grey tool chests

    Large Tools Chests

    There are certain situations where you may need to secure a large amount of your tool kit. Perhaps you need to transport it, or maybe your premises aren't secure enough to leave tools unsecured?  Whatever the situation, Tools Today have a range of larger tool chests, allowing more storage and security for your expensive tools.

    This 10 Drawer 72" Tool chest by Draper is perfect for those who need to use longer tools, such as extension sockets.10 Drawer - 72 inch Tool chest
    Or, if you need something deeper, why not check out the Superline topchest, 10 drawer tool chest.  It has larger storage drawers to secure a range of tools and accessories.

    10 Drawer Black Tool Chest

    If you should need any further advice about any of the tool chests listed here, please don't hesitate to ask us. You can talk directly to one of our Tool Experts via the live chat on our website.

  • Why Choose An Inverter Welder?

    Inverter Welder Vs Traditional Arc Welder - This is often a question we get asked at ToolsToday. Why would I buy an Inverter Welder over a normal air cooled arc welder? Our answer is simple really.. Why wouldn't you?
    Here's a quick no-nonsense response to that question, to help you in making a decision when browsing our range of welders.

    Sure if you prefer a "good old fashioned" welder and it's what you're used to, fine, stick with it. However, the inverters really aren't difficult to use, in most cases they are the same or easier.

    What's the Difference between an Inverter Welder and a Traditional Welder?

    So the main difference really is that a traditional welder will have give you less control over an inverter welder. The inverter generally will have digital control through a main circuit board. There will always be control for the power, and perhaps other features such as pulse and slope.

    Improve your welding

    This means that you will be able to weld more accurately, particularly on thinner materials as the current is smoother.

    More efficiency - An inverter welder will use its current much more efficiently than a traditional welder, meaning you'll be able to weld thicker material with less power and use less energy over all.

    More Portability - Inverter Welders are generally a lot lighter and smaller in relation to an equally powerful traditional alternative, so this means they are much better for moving around or taking on site, taking a 140 amp example the inverter is approx. 7Kg against 15Kg for the traditional version!

    Will it go wrong?

    With all the extra tech inside an inverter welder, surely it will go wrong all the time?  Well, there is more to go wrong, however, our range of welders is made to perform as well as or better than like for like traditional welders, all come with warranty of 1 year or above and in most cases trouble free.

    Will it be more expensive? This one is obvious really. It's better, so yes, an inverter welder will cost more than a traditional like for like machine, however, you may be surprised how little extra a good inverter welder will be over a traditional alternative and with so much more performance, you may find it was money well spent

    So, in conclusion. There are pros and cons for buying an inverter welder, but we feel the for's far outweigh the against's with this argument.
    It can be easily summed up by asking yourself a question, When you go into a phone shop, would you prefer the latest model, or the old brick? - Once you've answered this, you'll know what to go for.

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