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Gardening jobs for autumn


There are always lots of jobs to be done around the garden, but I hope that you are busy harvesting the fruits of your labours at the moment with the harvest well underway. There should still be plenty of colour in your flower borders but as the Autumn progresses, the summer flowers will finish and the autumn colours will begin. This is when you can prune certain flowering shrubs such as buddleia and lavender. Falling leaves should be swept up frequently to prevent drains from being blocked and paths from becoming slippery. I have found some more articles to help you with your autumn jobs.

Applying a protective cover of organic material now will help protect plant roots from extreme cold and prevent winter rains from compacting the soil surface and leaching out nutrients. It also improves soil by either breaking down to become great topsoil, or as in the case of compost, adds nutrients that are washed into the soil by the rain.

Compost is the best choice for perennial beds and vegetable gardens where you frequently move plants because it improves the soil if it is dug in during the planting process.

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