DIY and Professional Tools

Some tools you might need to build a fence

A garden fence is important particularly if you have children or pets as it will help to keep them safe. Fences, like anything else will deteriorate over time and will need repair or replacing at some point. Creating a new fence need not be a daunting task, all you need are the correct tools and be prepared to put in some elbow grease. Make sure you are certain of the boundary line before you begin as any mistakes here could be both costly and inconvenient. If you are not sure, check the title deeds for your property. Any existing fence should be on the correct line but do check. Before you begin, choose which type of fence you are going to install for instance; post and rail, post and wire or solid panels.

If you need to replace fence posts, take a look at the soil type you have as this will dictate how easy or difficult it will be to dig post holes. There are a variety of tools to help you dig the holes and these include things like crowbars, digging bars, post hole diggers, fence post augers and fencing spades. You will also require a fencing mell or maul to hammer in the posts so that they are secure. It is a good idea to mark your lines with string so that you keep straight, nothing looks worse than a wiggling fence line, plus you run the risk of encroaching onto someone else’s property. If you are doing a wire fence, you will need specialist tools such as wire tensioners, wire twisting pliers, fencing pliers or hog ring pliers. The wire must be stretched taught so that it remains in place and does not flop about or hang loosely as this is not only unsightly but could in fact be dangerous. Having a smart fence sets the tone for your garden and you can build so much around it.

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