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Besides protecting you from injuries during work, your boots should give you the comfort you need to be standing and walking all day long. At Dunlop they develop and manufacture high quality boots, combining original expertise with new technologies. Their technicians and Innovation team are always on the lookout for new technologies and materials, to make sure you get the comfort and protection you deserve. Learn more about the technologies that make your Dunlop boots unique, safe and comfortable.

NON-SAFETY - No steel components within the boots.
SAFETY - Steel toe cap protection.
FULL SAFETY - Steel toe cap & steel midsole protection.


35 years ago, Dunlop reinvented rubber and made a boot out of Purofort. This unique Dunlop material has millions of evenly distributed air pockets, making it lightweight and thermally insulating. The cross-linked structure provides flexibility and strength, giving you protection and comfort while making your boots tear and wear resistant. Once you’ve tried a Purofort boot, you’ll never want something else.

Lightweight - Purofort boots are up to 35% lighter than PVC, rubber or competitive PU boots. No more tired feet!

Thermally Insulating - Purofort prevents heat loss and provides thermal insulation down to -20°C and even to -50°C. No more cold feet!

Flexible - Purofort is extremely flexible, giving you maximum comfort.

Strong - Purofort provides maximum stretch, assuring your boots a longer life-time.

Advantages Of Purofort

In the early 1980s, Dunlop reinvented rubber and produced its first Purofort boots. Purofort boots are the best in class Polyurethane boots. On all important aspects Purofort outperforms rubber boots and basic Polyurethane. Worldwide over 10 million people are wearing these unique boots every day.

Purofort Vs Rubber Boots - Compared to rubber, Purofort boots are much stronger. This is tested by stretching the material until the snapping point. Purofort boots are 50% stronger than rubber boots. In addition, Purofort boots are proven to show less abrasion compared to rubber. Because of that, they are offering long lasting comfort and are an excellent value. In order to offer you maximum comfort, we are continuously gathering customer feedback via wear trials. These wear trials are showing us that people working in all kinds of environments value our Purofort boots as being the most comfortable. This is caused by the fit, low weight and insulating properties of our boots. Dunlop boots are valued as being the most comfortable boots on the market. End-users from different countries are confirming this as a fact. Are you experiencing tired feet after a long day work? Our Purofort boots that are comprised of millions of evenly distributed air bubbles are the solution for your problem. Purofort boots weigh up to 2.2lbs less than normal rubber boots. Thanks to this lightweight and supple material your feet will be fresher after a long day work.

Purofort Vs Basic PU - Purofort boots outperform basic PU boots on all aspects. Laboratory testing shows clear differences in weight, insulation properties, flexibility and strength of both materials. Purofort is produced by using high pressure injection to mix the different materials. The injection pressure for Purofort boots is 200bars compared with 1bar for basic PU boots. Injecting the material with a higher pressure leads to the fact that air bubbles are evenly distributed. These evenly distributed air bubbles are one of the reasons that Purofort outperforms basic polyurethane on all aspects. In addition to the high pressure injection, Dunlop optimizes the compound of every single boot. While manufacturers of basic PU are sourcing all their materials, Dunlop produces its own. By doing so we are able to optimize our compounds for use in every individual environment. Food processing boots should be excellent in hygienic properties, agricultural boots need to be resistant for animal feces and our Thermo+ boots are the best insulating boots you can get.

Millions Of Air Pockets Providing Comfort - Purofort contains millions of air pockets. Because they are mixed under high pressure, they are evenly distributed. This is quite unique, as Dunlop is the only boots manufacturer in the world that uses high pressure technology to produce its boots. And it’s very beneficial for you: thanks to the evenly distributed air pockets, Purofort provides extreme thermal insulation, keeping your feet warm in the coldest conditions. And because air and solid material are optimally mixed, Purofort is lightweight and comfortable.

Optimal Life Span Due To Molecular Structure - Purofort is extremely flexible and cut resistant, due to its molecular structure. This structure contains hard and soft blocks. The hard blocks make your boot resistant to cuts and abrasion, giving them a longer lifespan. The soft blocks allow for a thinner shaft which increases flexibility and comfort.

The Secret Dunlop Recipe - Purofort is a unique material. It has a secret recipe, only known to Dunlop. For each type of Purofort boot, a specific recipe is created in the Dunlop lab. The ingredients depend on the application and the required properties of the boot.

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Other Dunlop Technologies

Acifort - Acifort is Dunlop’s unique invention of PVC, nitrile rubber and polymers. Nitrile rubber ensures a longer lifetime and better resistance to oil, fat, blood and chemicals. Polymers add flexibility to your boot, thereby increasing comfort. For each individual industry Dunlop developed special Acifort boots, to give you the comfort and protection you deserve.

Vibram - When your work involves walking on uneven and slippery surfaces and climbing scaffolding, you need the right safety boot that gives you the ultimate grip. Especially for the workers in the upstream oil sector and general industry, we’ve partnered up with Vibram to give you the best safety boot, combining our comfortable Purofort technology with a Vibram outsole. Dunlop offers boots with two different Vibram outsoles. The Expander and the Reliance boot have a Vibram XS Work outsole, that: Has a special toe area to prevent stumbling. Has large channels for fluid dispersion and self-cleaning. Offers torsion control ladder grip for best in class slip resistance. Is non-marking to prevent stains on flooring. Is especially suitable for oily surfaces. The Dunlop Explorer has a Vibram Fire&Ice outsole, which is engineered for the highest range of temperatures (-20°C to + 250°C), making it extremely suitable for working in extreme cold conditions while also meeting the NFPA requirements for flame resistance. For the workers in extreme conditions!

Seamless Lining - To make Dunlop boots as comfortable as possible, we pay a lot of attention to the lining. By welding our antibacterial and odour controlling lining ultrasonically, every boot has a perfect finish, without uncomfortable seams that might ruin your socks. You can recognize our seamless lining technology by the red or black Dunlop branded lining.

Dunlop Comfort Fit  - Years of investing in last technology has led to the Dunlop Comfort Fit: the perfect fit of our Purofort boots, combined with easy entry and exit of your boots. This perfect fit, recognized and praised a lot by our customers, is possible because of the extreme flexibility of our Purofort material. And with specially developed lasts for women’s and children’s feet, Dunlop boots give comfort to everyone.

Protective Outsole Technology - Your boots should give you ultimate protection. This is impacted a lot by the performance of your outsoles. As slipping and tripping occurs mostly during walking when landing on your heel and taking off from your toes, we pay special attention to these areas. That’s why we design outsoles that exceed your requirements on slip resistance and grip. Dunlop outsoles are additionally dirt repellent and wear resistant, assuring a long life time of your boots.

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