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Garden hedge maintenance


As there are always jobs to do around the home and garden, early autumn is the time to do some garden hedge maintenance. You will need the right tools for the job and great care should be taken when operating powered hedge cutters. If you are using ladders, again be careful and make sure your ladders have a sound footing and if necessary, have someone hold the bottom to offer more stability.

Late summer through to autumn is when we carry out most of our hedge trimming and restoration but it can be done at other times. This is because the hedges have generally put on most of the growth they are going to for the year and that means they will be left tidy for the winter and not noticeably re-grow again until spring. Also, by working at this time of year the risks of active bird nests in spring and early summer and the frosts of winter are generally avoided.

However, hedges that require very severe restoration, involving either cutting back one of the sides to the main stems or cutting down to near ground level tend to be best cut in very early spring. This is when the trees are about to put their energy into producing new growth and will have a full growing season to toughen up the young shoots before the frosts of the winter. The window of opportunity for this type of work is short, as it has to happen before bird nesting begins....More at Hedge Trimming and Restoration | Tree Maintenance Ltd.

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