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Leaf Blowers

Our blowers and vacuums really prove their value in gardens & parks. Fallen leaves, grass cuttings, general debris, nothing can withstand their powerful blast. They are ideal for homeowners & back pack blowers perfect for commercial users, all well balanced and easy to manoeuvre.

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  • Petrol Leaf Blowers
    Petrol leaf blowers can help forcefully remove wet layers of leaves and tackle grass clippings giving your garden a clean & tidy finish. Some versions also have a vacuum incorporated in to the design making tidying up an even easier job.
  • Electric Leaf Blowers
    Our electric leaf blowers are easy-to-use, quiet & perfect for domestic gardens. Pavements and a variety of other areas are easily cleaned. Selected models have the option of converting in to a vacuum with an optional adaptor kit (sold separately).
  • Cordless Leaf Blowers
    Cordless leaf blowers are ideal for those that don't want to annoy their neighbours. Also ideal for noise-sensitive areas such as schools and hospitals. Quiet yet powerful with great running times due to advanced battery technology.
  • Backpack Leaf Blowers
    Petrol backpack blowers are mainly used for clearing leaves, grass & litter from public areas & large parks. Comfortable to wear and ergonomically designed making your job easier & more enjoyable. A selection of nozzles are available for different applications.
  • Leaf Blower Accessories
    We have a selection of nozzles & accessories to compliment our range of Stihl & Husqvarna leaf blowers.



Leaf Blowers & Vacuums

High-performance blowers can help remove leaves and debris quickly to give a tidy looking garden. Ergonomically designed, easy to operate and a dream to use with a choice of petrol, electric or cordless battery types. Backpack versions are also available for all day commercial use.

Petrol leaf blowers are best suited for larger gardens or areas where the task at hand requires more power or for jobs where a power source is not easily accessible. They tend to make more noise than electric & cordless versions but have substantially more power. The blower function will quickly and easily blow away all the leaves from your lawn or paths making them ideal compost and recycling material.

Electric leaf blowers are ideally suited to domestic lawns, quieter than petrol versions & therefore perfect for residential areas. Great for those small weekend jobs in the garden.

Cordless leaf blowers are becoming more & more popular with both domestic & commercial users due to improving battery technology. They are great as they have no fumes and no electric cord to hold you back. The bigger the AH of a battery, the longer it will run for, so choose a higher battery capacity for larger projects where you need a longer running time.

An efficient way of clearing large areas of fallen leaves and garden debris, a backpack blower offers high performance along with a comfortable, ergonomic fit for the user. We have a great range of machines to suit domestic users right through to professional & commercial users.