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We have a Great Range of Cutting & Felling Tools Including Axes, Secateurs & Pruning Saws.

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- Axes are suitable for a wide range of domestic and commercial tasks ranging from gardening to forestry.

SPLITTING & FELLING WEDGES - A splitting wedge is a simple and effective tool that makes splitting logs of wood easier and more precise.

GARDEN LOPPERS - Garden loppers are specialised tools designed for pruning and maintaining trees and tall shrubs.

SECATEURS - Secateurs are a hand-held tool for pruning shrubs, tough plants or small trees and consist of a pair of curved strong sharp blades.

GARDEN SHEARS - Garden shears are ideal for trimming, cutting, clipping and pruning hedges, shrubs or bushes.

GARDEN PRUNING SAWS - Pruning saws are ideal for cutting small tree branches that are too big for secateurs.

HOOKS & LIFTING - Prepare and organise firewood with a durable, comfortable log hook that can be used independently to turn logs or combined with other tools for transport.

TREE MEASURING & MARKING - In forestry tree marking is used to show dangerous or unhealthy trees that need felling.