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We have a Great Range of Outdoor Equipment Including Shredders, Tillers & Log Splitters.

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GARDEN SHREDDERS - Make your garden waste more manageable by using a shredder. They reduce bulky wood cuttings down to chippings, so you can dispose of it more easily into your compost bin and you'll then be able to put it to good use and provide nutrients for the plants in your garden.

EARTH AUGERS - Earth augers make drilling in to very hard ground quick & easy, just like slicing a knife through butter. Suitable for both professional construction workers & everyday gardeners alike.

TILLERS - Whether you need to break up a lawn or prepare a garden patch for sowing, a garden tiller or cultivator is what you'll need. Tillers & cultivators are suitable for smaller landscaping work, such as preparing flowerbeds & garden patches.

LOG SPLITTERS - Electric log splitters are capable of handling heavy logs in large quantities, splitting them with ease & in a safe, controlled manner & reduces physical strain of using an axe. The perfect machine for anyone who has an open fire or log burner.

OUTDOOR HEATING - Gather round a crackling fire pit & toast marshmallows with the kids or enjoy the gentle warmth of a patio heater with a few glasses of wine. From late summer nights to cosy autumn evenings, outdoor heating allows you to enjoy your garden all year round.

FUEL CANS - Fuel can ensures the safe transport or storage of fuel and other potentially hazardous liquids.

GARDEN MACHINERY OIL & GREASE - Oils and lubricants are essential for the day to day running of your tools. Maintain and service your equipment, helping to ensure they are always running smoothly and won't let you down.

MERCHANDISE - We have a great range of merchandise from your favourite brands. These products make great gifts for that person in your life that likes something a little different.