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We have a Great Range of Cutters & Diamond Drills Including Disc, Diamond Chain Saws & Blades.

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DISC CUTTERS - Disc cutters have the power to cut through masonry, reinforced concrete, brick, paving and stone and are usually powered by petrol.

DIAMOND CHAIN SAWS - A diamond chain saw provides the user with the ability to make deep cuts with square corners and no overcut. The saws can cut reinforced concrete, brick, block and natural stone.

FLOOR & BENCH SAWS - Floor saws are used extensively on roads and motorways to cut asphalt and concrete cleanly and quickly to enable efficient repairs and alterations to be carried out to these surfaces.

DIAMOND DRILLS - A diamond drill is a precision instrument, creating clean, accurate holes primarily in concrete.

DIAMOND BLADES - Diamond blades are ideal for heavy duty tasks, such as angle grinding and masonry work. Use wet to prevent them from overheating and minimise dust.

DIAMOND CORE BITS - Diamond ore bits are specifically designed for cutting precise circular holes in most construction materials like brick, stone, concrete and masonry.