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MAINTENANCE SPRAYS - Maintenance sprays are high quality heavy duty lubricant and release agent for general workshop use. Cleans and lubricates moving mechanical parts. Displaces moisture leaving surfaces treated anti rust and corrosion resistant.

SPRAY PAINTS - Spray paints are paint that comes in a sealed, pressurised container and is released in an aerosol spray when a valve button is depressed.

OIL & GREASE - The two main types of lubricants are oils and greases. Both aim to lubricate equipment and prevent damage through metal to metal contact.

WASHROOM & SKINCARE - Washroom supplies in commercial buildings need to be regularly topped up to maintain high levels of hygiene.

BRUSHES & MOPS - Brushes and mops can cover a variety of needs including traditional sweeping and scrubbing, both soft and hard bristle including pan and brush sets. 

CLOTHS & SPONGES - Cloths and sponges are super absorbent solutions for quick and easy cleaning of spillages.

OIL SPILLAGE - Spillage kits help to absorb or control spills, leaks and floods in emergency situations.

BINS - Bins are used to hold waste of varies types in domestic, commercial and industrial buildings keeping areas clean and tidy.