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TYRE INFLATORS & BLOW GUNS - A tyre inflator, also referred to as a car tyre pump, is used to inflate or deflate a vehicle's tyre as required.

PAINT SPRAY GUNS - An paint spray gun consists of a container that is used to spray liquids through a nozzle under pressure from a compressor onto a surface.

AIR IMPACT WRENCHES - Air Impact wrenches  are high torque socket wrench tools designed to fasten or remove nuts with ease. They are widely used in the automotive industry for their high power and broad range of applications.

AIR RATCHETS - An air ratchet is very similar to a regular hand ratchet wrench but it is slightly larger in size. The grip of the air ratchet houses the air vane motor and the drive mechanism.

AIR DRILLS - An air drill is a handheld air-powered tool that drills holes or destroys hard surfaces such as rock and concrete. It is also referred to as a jackhammer.

AIR SAWS - Air saws are cutters powered by compressed air and fed via air compressor hose and are used by engineers in workshops and garages.

AIR SANDERS - Air sanders are powered by compressed air to create a rapid, controlled sanding motion. While the common perception ties sanders to woodworking and wall-smoothing tasks, they are actually indispensable to many different industries.

AIR GRINDERS - Air grinders remove material & prepare surfaces using a flap wheel, to heavy duty removal using grinding wheels & cutting discs.

AIR RIVETERS - An air riveter uses compressed air to install blind rivets through two or more components, binding them together.

AIR NAIL & STAPLE GUNS - An air nail gun is a form of hammer used to drive nails into wood or other materials using a small explosive charge.

AIR HAMMERS & SCALERS - An air scaler is a tool used to remove rust, mill scale, and old paint from metal surfaces. The tool is used in metalwork applications as diverse as home repair, automotive repair, and shipboard preservation.

AIR NIBBLERS & SHEARS - Air nibblers are an essential tool for working on sheet metal with reliable precision, including cutting clean holes and curves, tight radius circles, and contoured or intricate shapes.