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- Kits & Twin packs are collections of multiple tools & accessories supplied in one set. This makes drill sets more economic. Normally supplied with batteries, charger, case & accessories but vary from brand to brand.

CORDLESS DRILLS - Cordless battery-powered drills are designed with advanced technology to make drilling tasks easier and more efficient. With various sizes, speeds, and torque options available. Ergonomic designs ensure maximum comfort and control while drilling. The ideal tool for both DIY and professional traders.

CORDED DRILLS - Corded heavy duty electric drills are ideal for tougher applications, you can be guaranteed of consistant reliable power without the need to charge batteries.

POWER SCREWDRIVERS - Power screwdrivers are a great piece of kit allowing the user to screw and unscrew with complete ease. Ideal for domestic projects such as laying decking, assembling flat pack furniture and putting up a shed or fence. Offering greater efficiency compared to a manual screwdriver.

IMPACT WRENCHES - Impact wrenches are an ideal tool for tightening and loosening nuts and bolts, they have a square drive head so you can attach sockets. They are an ideal tool for any job that involves lots of joining of materials on a large scale. Impact wrenches are a heavier duty tool with more power than an impact driver.

MAGNETIC DRILLS - A magnetic drilling machine is a portable drilling machine with a magnetic base. Their combination of a stable magnetic base and low RPM help reduce torque forces created by large diameter bits. Magnetic drilling machines with reversible motor and variable speed controls can also perform operations like tapping, countersink and reaming.

PILLAR DRILLS - Pillar drills are free-standing machines with high-powered motors to rotate drill bits at a variable speed range. Ideal for cutting holes of different diameters into different types of material such as wood or metal. These drills are flooring standing or can be fixed to a table so are perfect for smaller workshops where space is limited. Its ability to bore precise horizontal holes offers far better drilling accuracy than a handheld tool.

METAL LATHES - Metal lathes are larger and rotate much faster than woodworking lathes. These lathes can cut some of the most common industrial metals like aluminum, iron, and steel. Metalworking machines create metal objects by turning mtal stock on a rotating bed. The metal can be carved, shaped, drilled, or polished.