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We have a Great Range of Watering Equipment Including Sprayers, Pumps & Hoses.

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SPRAYERS - Sprayers are reliable and economical equipment allowing the dispersion of a fluid on a material or plant as a fine mist. An effective garden sprayer is essential for accessing hard to reach areas and an even coverage with plant, weed or lawn treatment.

SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS - A submersible pump (sump pump) is a type of centrifugal pump that can be operated when fully submerged underwater. Hermetically sealed to ensure the inner electrics are protected, a sump pump can accommodate a range of impellers to tackle liquids and solids of different size and viscosity.

SURFACE WATER PUMPS - Surface water pumps help remove water on the surface, it’s as simple as that. The best surface water pumps have a quality flow rate, low on power consumption and maintenance, whilst delivery continuous uninterrupted power for extended times.

PETROL WATER PUMPS - Petrol water pumps are the perfect solution for commercial projects such as deep water drainage. Durability & performance of petrol pumps ensure these products will be long-lasting.

WATER HOSE - Water hoses connect to a tap to facilitate maintaining a well watered garden or to a water pump for draining flood water.

HOSE CONNECTORS - Hose connectors are used to attach the end of a hose to a tap connector, creating a tight seal for optimum water flow.

SPRAY GUNS & SPRINKLERS - Spray guns & sprinklers are used to maintain the lawn, to water the vegetable patch, hanging baskets or to clean the exterior of your home.