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We have a Great Range of Abrasives & Sanding Products Including Cutting Disc, Wire Brushes & Bench Grinder Accessories.

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- Cutting discs are used for cutting all types of metal, plastic or wood for fast and straight cuts.

BENCH GRINDER ACCESSORIES - Bench grinder accessories are essential for getting the job in hand done correctly first time.

POWER TOOL WIRE BRUSHES - Power tool wire brushes are superb tools for anyone looking to remove rust or to get rid of old paint off surfaces.

WIRE BRUSHES - Wire brushes are hand-held tools ideal for removing paint and rust off surfaces.

BACKING PADS - A backing pad is an attachment that secures sanding discs and other accessories on power tools.

SANDING BELTS - Sanding belts are looped lengths of sandpaper designed to be used with compatible machines to sand down surfaces.

HAND SANDING - Hand sanding is the manual way to sand and smooth down different surfaces

POWER TOOL SANDING SHEETS - Using sanding sheets on an compatible power tool is the best and easiest way to sand down large areas of wood or metal.

POLISHING - These attachments can be used to polish metal, paintwork and for buffing.