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BLOW TORCHES - A blow torch is a hand tool used mainly by plumbers. It is a portable tool which produces a flame for various heat applications such as soldering.

PIPE CUTTERS - Pipe cutters are generally used by plumbers and enable a clean cut whilst being faster and cleaner than using a hacksaw.

PIPE BENDERS - A pipe bender is a tool used to bend piping of different materials, such as copper and stainless steel, to form various angles and curves.

PLUMBERS WRENCHES - A plumber wrench is a form of plier that uses compound leverage to grip and rotate plumbing pipes.

PIPE CLEANING TOOLS - Pipe cleaning tools includes items and accessories used in plumbing for cleaning pipes and drains.

PIPE FITTING TOOLS - Pipe fitting tools includes items and accessories used in plumbing for the easy fitment of pipes.

PLUMBERS TESTERS - Plumbers testers used for testing pressure in drains & pipe work this equipment makes the jobs easier & more efficient.

PLUMBERS KEYS - Plumbers keys are hand tools for undoing, tightening and adjusting the fittings of a central heating radiator and also other plumbing work.