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COMBINATION SPANNERS - Combination spanners have two heads: one with an open-ended profile and the other with a ring profile.

RATCHET SPANNERS - A ratchet spanner uses a mechanism which allows an open-ended, flare or ring head to turn a fastener in one direction but not the other while remaining fitted to the fastener head.

ADJUSTABLE SPANNERS - An adjustable spanner is an open-ended wrench with a moveable jaw. Its function is the same as any regular spanner - to grip fasteners, such as nuts and bolts - however, only adjustable spanners can grip fasteners of all sizes, thanks to their moveable jaw.

RING SPANNERS - A ring spanner is a simple, double-headed, single-piece spanner with a profile set in a looped head. Ring spanners are less likely to slip off the fastener than open-ended spanners because they make contact with the fastener on all sides. This means they can be turned in wider arcs more easily, making the task quicker.

OPEN SPANNERS - Open spanners are versatile, single-piece tools that can be used on most types of fasteners around the home and across the industries. Their head has two jaws forming a U-shaped profile with two parallel flat sides.

PODGER SPANNERS - A podger has a spanner head at one end of the shaft and a tapered spike (called a ‘drift pin’) at the other. The drift pin is pushed into bolt holes of scaffolding, or other metal workpieces such as event staging, to line them up so a bolt can be passed through the holes without being forced and damaged.

SLOGGING SPANNERS - A slogging spanner has a thick end that is designed to be used with a hammer to tighten fasteners, such as nuts and bolts to a precise torque.

CROW FOOT SPANNERS - Crow foot spanners are a unique-looking tool, used often by mechanics, plumbers, and DIYers, to name a few, due to its ability to fit into confined spaces.

PIPE WRENCHES - A pipe wrench is any of several types of wrench that are designed to turn threaded pipe and pipe fittings for assembly or disassembly. Pipe wrenches are not intended for regular use on hex nuts or other fittings. However, if a hex nut becomes rounded (stripped) so that it cannot be moved by standard wrenches, a pipe wrench can be used to free the bolt or nut, because the pipe wrench is designed to bite into rounded metal surfaces.

BOX SPANNERS - Box spanners are made from metal tubing and often have two profiles, one at each end of the tube. They cover the whole of the fastener head and make contact with them on all flat sides and corners.

SOCKET WRENCHES - Socket wrenches are widely used hand tools for easy tightening and loosening of common fasteners, typically nuts and bolts. They work in much the same way as standard spanners and wrenches, but their ratcheting design allows the user to apply torque more easily, with less strain and fatigue.

SPANNER RACKS - Spanner racks are ideal for keeping all your tools today and at hand. Great for workshops & garages.