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Priory Number Punches

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Priory Number Punches

Product Code: GRPPRIN116

Manufacturers Part No: GRPPRIN116

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  • Priory 180- 1.5mm Set of Number Punches 1/16in
    £16.19 inc. VAT
    - Out of Stock
  • Priory 180- 12.0mm Set of Number Punches 1/2in
    £43.42 inc. VAT
  • Priory 180- 6.0mm Set of Number Punches 1/4in
    £16.19 inc. VAT
  • Priory 180- 3.0mm Set of Number Punches 1/8in
    £12.84 inc. VAT
  • Priory 180- 5.0mm Set of Number Punches 3/16in
    £15.32 inc. VAT
  • Priory 180- 2.5mm Set of Number Punches 3/32in
    £12.84 inc. VAT
  • Priory 180- 10.0mm Set of Number Punches 3/8in
    £33.53 inc. VAT
  • Priory 180- 8.0mm Set of Number Punches 5/16in
    £25.84 inc. VAT
  • Priory 180- 4.0mm Set of Number Punches 5/32in
    £15.32 inc. VAT
  • Priory 180- 2.0mm Set of Number Punches 5/64in
    £12.84 inc. VAT

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Number punches are for marking metals and other solid materials. Produced from quality steel, heat treated and nickel plated to give maximum endurance and accuracy of impression. Set contains 0-9 with the latter inverted to double up as a 6.

Packed in attractive plastic box.


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Manufacturers Product Code GRPPRIN116

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